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Sell Duke Nukem with the "Slap a babe" feature for Freedom of speech

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Some people started a petition to ban Duke Nukem Forever a video game rated M for Mature, featuring a caricature of the male action hero's of the 80's, because it promotes "domestic violence towards women". Maybe, just, maybe we should ban everything that is offensive towards women "Beyond Good and Evil" By the misogynist  Friedrich Nietzsche! Especially Aristotle he is a clear misogynist claiming that Men are superior to women.Aristotle's teachings are taught in colleges and universities across the states.What about the Bible? Should it be banned for this?  The Does it make it the truth, no. It is a window of one person's way of thought, be it right or wrong. Adults will make one's mind deciding if they agree whit what they comsume as media be it movies, books, music or video games.

Since it's ratification, in America, thanks to the first amendment, protecting the right of expression and speech. People tend to forget this key right, when it opposes an individual close minded way of thought. Duke Nukem Forever was born and bred by American minds in America. I see myself as a feminist, women should have equal rights in all aspect of life as I do understand it is an ongoing fight, but I am a fervent defender of freedom of speech, without it, women would still be at the behest of man's will. But this video game is intended for adults, not children, adults that can decide by their own will what it is they want to consume in their life, be it either a double cheese hamburger or a salad; Johann Bach or 50 Cents; J.R.R. Tolkien or James Joyce. "Capture the Babe" is part of the creators original creation and intention and should not be forced to be "changed" aka censored.

Duke Nukem Forever may not be high art, but this game, for better or worse, should be in store shelves everywhere, across America uncensored because censorship is the cancer of freedom.

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