Selaine Saxby MP: please do the decent thing and resign

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Please sign this petition if you think Selaine Saxby should do the decent thing and stand aside, to allow us to choose someone who actually represents the views of local people.

North Devon is full of compassionate, decent people who believe no local child should go hungry. We all felt proud of every individual and business, big and small, who volunteered this week to help feed them. 

But when dozens of our local businesses, already hit hard by months of restrictions and closure, stepped up with offers to help feed hungry kids, we saw them mocked by our own MP here in North Devon, posting from her own facebook account:

"I am delighted our local businesses have bounced back so much after lockdown they are able to give food away for free, and very much hope they will not be seeking any more government support."

Selaine Saxby followed this up with an insulting ‘non-apology apology’, claiming she was taken ‘out of context’. But they were her words, expressing her views, posted on her own facebook account. The context was hers. The only mistake she made was in allowing us all to see, momentarily, the contempt she seems to feel for her own constituents.

We deserve better than this. We *are* better than this. We deserve an MP that lives up to this same standard.

This isn’t about elections or voting records. It’s not about who you vote for or which party you support (or don’t support). This is simply about doing the right thing. 

We thank Selaine Saxby for her service, but she is clearly not fit to represent us. 

If you agree with this petition please sign it and share it in the positive spirit with which it has been written. We’re better than this. Let’s make where we live better, not worse.