Seize (not freeze) Russian assets in lockstep with the damage caused in Ukraine

Seize (not freeze) Russian assets in lockstep with the damage caused in Ukraine

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Why this petition matters

Started by James Peiris




Seize (not freeze) the assets of:

  • Russian financial institutions
  • Vladimir Putin, and other known associates of the Russian president

proportional to the cost of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine - this is not about seizing all assets - doing so would likely reduce the incentive to apply pressure.

These irrevocably seized assets can then be used to fund efforts in and around Ukraine (more details below).


Reason for this petition

The current freezing of these assets in the short-term appears to be having little tangible effect for the citizens facing death from Russian air strikes and gunfire, or those displaced from their homes each day into neighboring countries.

This proposal aims to raise the pressure on relevant parties to intervene.


How much should be seized?

The value of the assets seized should be proportional to the ongoing financial cost of the war in Ukraine, and should be performed in daily lockstep with the rising costs of the war.

The cost estimates should be done by a qualified body, and
should minimally include:

  1. Damage / destruction to critical infrastructure and buildings
  2. Estimated costs to healthcare services, both in Ukraine and neighboring countries
  3. Loss of income to Ukrainian citizens
  4. The cost of mobilizing the Armed Forces of Ukraine


What should happen with any seized assets?

These seized assets can then be used for Ukraine's benefit,
including (but not limited to) the funding of:

  1. Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian citizens trapped in Ukraine
  2. Humanitarian aid for displaced Ukrainian citizens
  3. Defensive weapons and protective gear*
  4. Mental health support for all affected Ukrainians/volunteers
  5. Rebuilding damaged and destroyed infrastructure

*for all of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian civilian volunteers, foreign volunteers in Ukraine.


Read more about the tragic incident in the image above here

422 have signed. Let’s get to 500!