Seize No Moore Homes – Help Save Our Family’s Heritage

Seize No Moore Homes – Help Save Our Family’s Heritage

May 4, 2022
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Started by J. Justin Wilson

Seize No Moore Homes – Help Save Our Family’s Heritage 

The state of Alabama wants to take 20 acres of our land, including four of our family’s homes, for the West Alabama Highway (WAH) Project—even though our homes are not needed for the project to proceed.  

Here in Dixons Mills, 75 of our family members live on our homestead, which has been built and handed down over seven generations. We have over 100 years of history here. Our African American and Native American ancestors worked hard as sharecroppers to provide this land for future generations to live on. Today, we use this land to farm, fish, hunt, raise livestock, and run small businesses.  
We consider it the base of our freedom and our safe haven. That safety is now being threatened.  
The WAH Project creates a four-lane, north-south highway from Thomasville to Moundville, and will expand the existing two-lane Highway 43, which routes through our homestead.   
The current proposed map would require land in the range of 190 - 225 feet from the east side of the existing highway. It appears that the state only needs 94 feet from the existing asphalt to widen the lanes, meaning the state is attempting to take an additional 96 – 131 feet of land from our family, which will result in the destruction of four of our homes.  
We are not opposed to the highway project.  We are willing to give the state easements on some of our property to proceed.  We just want to keep our homes and protect our heritage.   
We are fighting to save our land and our homes. Please sign this petition to help us, and share on social media to spread the word.  
The Descendants of Will Grayson, Kate Mosley Grayson, Galloway Moore, and Sara Williams Moore   

Marolyn Moore Grant  
Carolyn Moore Fuqua   
Nathan Moore   
Russell Moore  
Sara Moore Hinton   
Chester Moore   
Joseph Moore  
Robert Moore Jr.   
Tommie Edward Moore   
Daniel Moore  

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Signatures: 1,662Next Goal: 2,500
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