TO SEGA: Please, release the Yakuza games on PC

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Yakuza (known in Japan as Ryū ga Gotoku) is a beautiful saga that depicts not only a brutal, ruthless criminal underworld, but also includes a splendid representation of Japanese cities and their people. It features a great, fun combat system and a truckload of side activities, engaging stories and relatable characters that make the experience worthy of being lived by everyone.


PC gaming has always been underestimated or, to put it in in better terms, almost ignored in Japan. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, which would be too long to explain here, but the result is that the Japanese videogame market is still, to these days, dominated by consoles. This explains why so many niche series have never been seen on PC. However, a few years ago the tide changed. When Dark Souls was released on PC after a successful petition, many new series have seen the light on this platform, thus gaining new momentum and expanding their fanbases.
The hardware capabilities, the modding community (whether the developers allow modding or not), and the fact that modern consoles are getting more and more similar to PCs in their architecture should be good enough reasons as to why should SEGA consider releasing the Yakuza games on PC.


The PC gaming market has been steadily increasing in the last few years. Many beautiful games have been ported from console to PC, or have been released at the same time on console AND PC, proving that the sales on this platform are extremely relevant. Having the Yakuza series to be released on PC would be strongly advantageous for SEGA, which would not only expand its fanbase to a new market, but also increase the chances to have faster western releases. In the end, everyone would gain a lot from such a decision; the players, the publisher and the developers.

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