Please port Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 to Mobile!

Please port Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 to Mobile!

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So, you ported them to Nintendo Gamecube... Then to PC... Then to Xbox 360 and PS3... Then back to PC on Steam.

But where the Mobile Port is?

First of all, the basic things:

1._ For SA1, It must be based on the Sega Dreamcast version or If it's one of the SADX versions, please use the Gamecube one. It has working good lightning, while the SADX Director's Cut for PC is the worst way to play the game.

For SA2, there you can get based on the PC version!

2.- Controller support.

3._ Get the Chao Adventure minigame back into the (but not limited to) PC/Steam version by using your phone as the Chao Garden second screen, similarly on how you brought it back as far as the GameCube versions, where you used the capability of the GBA linking to GameCube, but you can make a 3D versiobn thanks to the capabilities of actual phones!

4._ Don't change the graphics to more realistic ones. Keep with the OG graphics (e.g.: Choose the Dreamcast version, use the Dreamcast graphics).

5._ Money trick: By default, the games do NOT have their SADX/SA2B additional content, but when people remove ads by paying, they automatically have access to the SADX/SA2B additional content!


That was all! If you are a SEGA/Sonic Team employee, then, please accept this petition, If not, then please sign if you are a Modern Sonic fan or a fan of both Sonics (Modern and Classic)!

8 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 10!