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Please make an official Vocaloid of Doctor Robotnik

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Sega; we know you have a tight relationship with Crypton Media thanks to the wild success of the Project Diva series of games, and we would like to see you take advantage of the possible synergies of that brand by creating an officially-licensed Vocaloid program of the Sonic The Hedgehog character Doctor Ivo Robotnik, also known as Doctor Eggman.

The reasons for requesting him over Sonic are due to the fact that, over many adaptations, his voice has remained relatively consistent, and both his distinctive sound and comical affect would make for a product with profoundly more appeal.

The character has already proven his adaptability via vocal sampling through the ignomiously-named medium of "Youtube Poop," which is why we would suggest the most ideal actor to use samples thereof as the late Long John Baldry, with permission of his estate, given he is the actor in those depictions and was well-renowned as a singer during his life.

Though, if this is impossible, the current voice actor Mike Pollock would also be excellent for such an enterprise if he could pull it off; given his also very distinct and personality-filled performances as the character.

If this enterprise is successful, Sega could easily leverage its other characters from the Sonic franchise into similar products, or even characters from other Sega franchises such as NiGHTS or Ulala of Space Channel 5.

Any way one slices it though, the time is right for Robotnik to take the stage as a Vocaloid performer. Please make it happen.

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