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Have SEGA give Big Red Button Another Chance for a Sonic Boom game.

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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, while it was panned by critics and Sonic fans, Had potential to be a decent fun co-op platformer. Trailers for a prototype version for Boom: Rise of Lyric were leaked, with the game originally being known as "Sonic Synergy". Shown as the video in this petition.

The trailer featured tons of scrapped ideas and lots of polish in terms of graphics, Showing that the enerbeam and combat in the game was capable of much more, as well as a possible Chao Garden being shown, plus, tons of Concept Art of characters that aren't seen in the final game at all are shown. seeing the original concept art for the levels, hubs, objects and characters, vehicles, weapons, modes and most prerelease material leaked online, we can really see the adventurous vision the developers had in mind. and it looked like a really fun platformer to play with friends.

Through research of development, Bob Rafei, the director of the game, Went through trouble with the game as well. As he said in an interview, too much ideas and things were being developed and put together at the same time without much thought, plan, or "fleshing out". and he knew they wouldn't have enough time to put it together. that, combined with the fact that SEGA had an exclusive deal with Nintendo that needed to have the game finished by the end of 2014, had developers find out how difficult it was to get the CryEngine3 running on the Wii U, especially in multiplayer. caused trouble down the road of development and caused many features to be scrapped and put together into the final as quickly as possible.

All of what was seen in the trailer is assumed to be part of a prototype, Bob states he and his team were proud about how strong the prototype was in terms of quality. keeping this in mind, It's easy to assume that Big Red Button Entertainment, with a large amount of time, thought, polish, freedom, and just making sure the game and what it has works, could put together the game we originally wanted.

Us Sonic fans want good games. that's obvious, and making a sequel or some kind of remake to SB:ROL, Kind of like a Director's cut version of some sort, on Steam, or any of the current consoles, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, with many of the cut features we wanted and even more, would give Bob and Big Red Button the chance that they deserve! it would be really nice. We know after seeing this trailer that Big Red Button Entertainment isn't a bad company, It has potential. It really does. things just fell apart in development on the way. If a sequel/remake can be accomplished without too much hurry, A strong platformer can be developed.

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