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Please Localize Your Games

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Over the past years Sega's in-house development studios in Japan have produced numerous video games for various platforms. While several of these games have been localized in English and other languages, in the past two years Sega seems to have changed their strategy and the latest games in some of their key franchises, despite their success in Japan, have not seen a release elsewhere.

For example, Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Yakuza 5 have still not been localized, despite multiple fan campaigns and even interest shown by other publishers. Phantasy Star Online 2, even though it was originally scheduled for a release in North America and Europe in early 2013, has now been delayed indefinitely with rumours suggesting it might be cancelled altogether. This despite the fact that Sega will actually be releasing an English version of the game in several Southeast Asian countries in 2014. Of the eleven titles Sega showed at the latest Tokyo Game Show, only two are currently confirmed for a release in North Americe and Europe (Go Dance! and Sonic Lost World).

Recently, Sega-Sammy Holdings (of which Sega Corporation is a subsidiary) also acquired Index Corporation, itself the owner of Atlus. Interestingly, Atlus USA is known for localizing games from Japan, including those of other publishers. While some see this as an opportunity for Sega to have Atlus USA handle localizations of their own titles, many are worried that, given Sega's current lack of interest in localizing even games from their bigger franchises, it will also mean games from Atlus will remain in Japan only. While Atlus seems to be continuing business as usual for now, it's hard to tell what will happen in the long term.

Further illustrating Sega's change in strategy is the fact that their English website now displays only four franchises as its main brands: Sonic The Hedgehog, Total War, Aliens and Company of Heroes. Yet to many of its fans worldwide Sega represents a lot more than that. And while we gave examples of newer titles, there are older Sega games still waiting to be localized as well. Among those are for example the Sakura Wars games: despite how much of a success the Sakura Wars franchise has been for Sega in Japan, only one title has ever been localized. Seeing how other publishers have shown they can make a profit out of localizing far more niche titles than the ones Sega has, we think it's important for Sega not to isolate their games to specific regions.

By signing this petition, you can show Sega that their fans overseas want to see the company rethink their current strategy and localize more of their games.

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