Bring Back Sonic Runners

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Sonic Runners was a semi-endless mobile game that should had lasted longer. Some people who have played it, including myself, unfortunately didn't get to finish Sonic Runners campaign mode. Most importantly, new fans of Sonic are now unable to experience Sonic Runners due to Sega shutting down the servers for unknown reasons one year after the game was launched. Sonic Runners deserved a longer life spam then it received, it was a unique game because of the way the story and gameplay was combined. Let me explain, you run through the stage, depending on where you are in the game (story wise), in 2D dodging over pit holes, enemies, spikes, and more while using items, such as wisps. As the player is on their current run, the game becomes more difficult by forcing the player's speed to increase, which makes it more challenging for the player. If the player fails, the game takes the progress in the player's current run and adds it to the story. This petition will be sent directly to Sega. Hopefully if this petition gets enough signatures, Sega will respond to us, and if all goes well, we will have Sonic Runners back in the palm of our hands waiting to race through stages once again.

For more information about Sonic Runners, I added two links below. The first link is from Sonic News Network.The other link is from Wikipedia.

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