Seeking immediate removal of Slippery Rocks Mayor.

Seeking immediate removal of Slippery Rocks Mayor.

July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Haley W

By signing this petition, you are agreeing with the immediate removal of Slippery Rocks Mayor JD Longo. 

Statement from Slippery Rock Resident, directly impacted by the Mayors actions:

“I came to Slippery Rock as a student, but now I call Slippery Rock my home. I have learned to love almost every aspect of this town. I love the people, the community bond, and the local businesses I have worked for. This town is usually something I boast about, but today I am sad to be a resident of Slippery Rock. 

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I have been sick to my stomach. After speaking to some of my peers, I realized that I am not alone with my unresolved anger. I am not the only person scared of what SCOTUS might do next. I am not the only one upset this Independence Day. 

On July 2nd, the day of our town’s Independence Day Celebration, I and a group of others planned a silent and peaceful protest for the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Our plan was to use chalk on Main Street and Elm Street, where the festival primarily took place, and spread our message for the town to see. Before we took to the streets with our sidewalk chalk, it was immensely stressed that there will be children who see these messages and we need to be respectful. We wanted to do this the right way. 

We were nearly finished and about to head home at about 10 AM on Saturday. After doing this in daylight for nearly two hours and receiving more support than discouragement, I did not think I would have to talk to a police officer. 

After I finished writing “Land of the Free,” I looked up to see an angry man headed in my direction with a cop coming too. It was no other than Slippery Rock’s Mayor Jondavid R. Longo.

Mayor Longo, growing red in the face, informed us that we were breaking the law by drawing the sidewalk in town because it is not public property. He also insisted that using chalk in the parking lot where the farmer's market takes place was against the law (even though he said nothing to the children drawing with chalk in the same lot).

The police officer for Slippery Rock Borough Police Department told us to take the chalk home, took down our information, and gave us a lesson on the property of downtown Slippery Rock.

The action of the police officer only seemed to infuriate Mayor Longo, who kept telling Cassie Dietrich and me that it was a “waste of time” and was holding a broom as if we should sweep it up. The officer even encourages Longo to calm down. After leaving the mayor, who had his middle finger in the air in the farmers’ market parking lot, he seemed to be arguing with the officer. 

After Mayor Longo alerted the police and we went home, Longo then called the fire department and had them use a fire truck to remove the chalk on Main St.

Later on, Mayor Longo took to Twitter to lie about town residents. Stating that Cassie and I “sullied storefronts” with “vulgar graffiti” and “defiled” the Veteran’s Memorial (that we never stepped foot on). 

This “vulgar” graffiti included messages that read: 

My Body My Choice
Pray for Women
Liberty and Justice for All
Protect Trans-Men
Pro Roe
We Won’t Go Back
What About My Heartbeat
Stars, Stripes, and Women’s Rights

On Sunday, we organized to protest in front of the Veteran’s Memorial that we “defiled” the day before. Only for Mayor Longo to then single out one of his citizens on Twitter and states “Silenced? Nobody is listening.” 

I am disgusted with the Mayor’s reaction, both on and offline. I am concerned with the amount of taxpayer money he wasted on a political tantrum. I am concerned about the allegations being thrown around by students and alumni of Slippery Rock University on Twitter. 

On this Independence Day, I am thankful for my first amendment right. I am thankful for the encouragement we received from the community. For a while, I appreciated Mayor Longo, because even though we have a difference of opinion, I thought he cared for the community. This weekend, he made it clear he only cares about the people that help him further his agenda.”

The incident that took place recently is not the only incident proving that he is an unfit mayor. More include, but are not limited to:

  • Online harassment towards peaceful protesters, exercising their right to freedom of speech.
  • Knowingly intermixing church and state in politics, which is against constitutional rights. 

We are asking for action to be taken place  We are asking for an unfit mayor to be removed. Please take any action you can to help. 


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Signatures: 1,745Next Goal: 2,500
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