Science books in public school libraries

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We care about this problem because it affects us and for sure ather people as well. Every time we visit the library in search of some book to our taste, we find it difficult to find some, or most of the time we do not find it because we have a preference for scientific books, a genre that we do not have in our school. 

If this petition achieves its due object, which is to make government officials aware of buying library books, if they attempt to get these books made by researchers, scientist, theorists to expand the knowlendge of the students will read them, and possibly 'opening doors' for students who do not like to read, have the opportity to read a different kind of book, which may be the kind of book the student likes to read. 

that is why we ask that you be aware of this matter and support this cause whith your signature and your comment. For with your help we will be victorious.