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Stop the proposed development of an 'Eco Park' on The Meads in Bridgwater

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We, the people of Bridgwater and others, are opposed to the development of an 'Eco Park' which is to be built on prime wildlife habitat. We feel the so called 'Eco Park' is a guise in order for Sedgemoor District Council to allow the building of 120 houses by Summerfield Housing and 180 house by Haygrove Park Development.

Although many see the 'Eco Park' as a potentially good thing, many believe this is a smokescreen to soften up the people of Bridgwater who would oppose the building of housing estates within that contained area and the impact it would have on wildlife there.

The Meads in Bridgwater contains common ground which would have belonged to a Lord of the Manor. This land was used by 'commoners' to graze their livestock and is enjoyed today by many. The land is relatively untouched and is home to a diverse range of wildlife including Daubenton and Pipistrelle bats which are endangered species. There are also nesting birds of prey amongst other wildlife forms.

Summerfields Homes who has bought some of the land have pointed out the possibility of building 500 houses on the area.  Taken from their Durleigh Road Information Leaflet; "It is still to be determined and will depend on the areas available and design approach adopted. However, it is anticipated that around 15 hectares could provide circa 500 new dwellings for the entire area, of which the Summerfield site could contribute 100-150 new homes".

Sedgemoor District Council themselves said in 2010 (page 4) on their Proposed Submission Core Strategy;

"The reasons previously quoted in the 1991-2011 Sedgemoor District Local Plan to keep The Meads and its flanking fields that comprise the green wedge completely free from developments have not changed and no justifications to the contrary have been nominated.
There can be no doubt that The Meads also contributes considerably to improving the air quality within the town centre with its attendant health benefits. To impede the flow of the prevailing winds and the availability of clean air through development of this area can only have a negative affect on these health benefits.To ensure this remains the case it is essential to maintain in full the green gap between Hamp and Durleigh".

We believe that this land should remain untouched by any developments especially that of a housing estate that could contain up to 500 houses.

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