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Free Panda from Animal Control's custody!

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This is Panda! Panda has been taken into custody by the Sedalia Animal Control on April 7, 2017. Panda's family wants to do  everything they need to do to get Panda returned to their family, but animal control has deemed him a vicious animal. We do not agree with this condemnation! Here's why, Panda was being taken for a walk by my nephew April 7, 2017 and was under reasonable control. Meaning when Panda was taken off his owners premises, he was under the control of a responsible adult and was on a leash. Which was complying with the city of Sedalia's city ordinances. During this walk Panda was approached by another dog that escaped it's property and began who provoking Panda and began attacking him. I would like to add that this other dog under the city ordinance of Sedalia's laws Should've been considered a public nuisance, do to the fact that it was unsupervised at the time of the attack on my families pet, was running AT LARGE, and ATTACKED MY FAMILIES PET, PANDA. My nephew was able to separate the dogs, but let's keep in mind he had his children with him, and most dogs are protective of the members of their family. Upon separation the other dog who was the aggressor in this situation continued to follow my nephew and his children, and once again it became aggressive again towards Panda biting him on his neck and other areas. During the second attack on Panda at no time did the owners of the aggressive dog come out of their house to assist in intervening with the attack on Panda. Panda did infact inflict a fatal blow to the nuisance dog during this time, but was protecting himself and his family from the aggressive dog. Our family does not agree with the decision of animal control due to the fact my sister was in no violation to any city ordinances and was not negligent or in violation of any animal control law. Panda is well taken care of, he is microchiped, and up to date on all shots.  I can understand my sister being punished and  held responsible for this situation if she had been negligent or had she done something unreasonable with Panda, by failing to take the responsible and reasonable precautions any pet owner should abide by, but this is NOT THE CASE! I feel as if the other party Should be held liable due to the fact that their dog was left unsupervised, they DID NOT maintain proper maintenance to their property or fence to properly secure their animal. As well as their dog was the aggressor in this particular situation, and provoking my sister's dog Panda.
The other dog who like I said was the aggressor in this situation, as I mentioned previously, but will mention again, was running at large the animal wasn't properly confined to the owner's or caretakers premises and was not tethered at the time. It was unconfined to the opposing parties premises and was not on a leash, and a secure fence CAPABLE of containing the aggressive dog in this situations needs were not met! unlike my sister's family pet, who was enjoying a family walk and tethered at the time of the incident.
Panda is a very sweet family oriented pet! He loves his family and they love and miss him very much! Please help bring Panda home! If we don't figure something out they will euthanize Panda and he is undeserving of this! Please help save Panda's life and bring him home!! 

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