Security vendors, Stop protecting Russia in cyberspace!

Security vendors, Stop protecting Russia in cyberspace!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Alex Starov

Russia has started unprecedented war against Ukraine with no explanation at all, except intentional genocide against Ukrainian culture. Russian and Belarusian military kills thousands and threatens Ukrainian people, commits war crimes, bombs and shells civilian cities.

The war is full-scale in cyberspace too! Numerous cyberattacks were launched against Ukraine before Russia’s invasion, and Russian hackers keep attacking Ukrainian communication, critical infrastructure, news websites, personal accounts. At the same time, Ukrainian cyber forces, patriotic white-hat hackers and hacktivists fight back. For example, the official Ukrainian IT Army

As such, it is important to suspend any international cybersecurity services and protection assistance for entities in Putin's Russia (when it is not critical for international safety). Specifically, Russian and Belarusian government institutions, non-critical infrastructure, financial companies, IT companies - those should not be protected by the civilized world. Otherwise, we're supporting the wrong team.

Please support this petition so it results in concrete actions taken by big companies. Many tech companies already suspend their services in Russia and show support to Ukraine (for example, see

Please indicate in comments if you represent a cybersecurity related industry (optional)

Our goals:

  1. Collect enough signatures and share the results with various cybersecurity vendors and services. When reaching more than 100 signatures - we will start asking concrete companies from Silicon Valley and US to support the initiative. When reaching more than 1000, we will share results more broadly, including policy makers and international supporters.
  2. Highlight cybersecurity companies that choose not to protect Russian businesses in response to this aggression against Ukraine. We will thank all the businesses who join this petition and show real humanity. Thanks!

Ours requests:

  1. DDoS protection, anti-bot, WAAP, WAF companies to stop services in Russian Federation and protecting Russian websites (until the war is over and Ukrainian territories are freed). The petition will be sent to such companies as Cloudflare, F5, Barracuda, Akamai, A10 Networks, Imperva, Citrix, PerimeterX, DataDome and others.
  2. Any newtork and URL filtering solutions from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Sucuri, Juniper and others. In addition to protecting institutions the country-agressor, such solutions are often used by Russia to implement censorship.  This must be stopped.
  3. Stop XDR and SIEM solutions - Trend Micro, Palo Alto Networks, Crowdstrike, SentinelOne and others. Stop endpoint protection, firewalls, antiviruses for Russian businesses and companies.

It is a boycott to trigger the change.

#StandWithUkraine #SupportUkraine #StopRussia




614 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!