Raise the Regulation Crowdfunding limit to $20M

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We believe that increasing the equity crowdfunding cap outlined in the JOBS Act exemption for Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) will invite more retail investors into a systematic, transparent part of the private capital markets that is creating jobs and providing valuable economic stimulus. 

We have written a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman, Hon. Jay Clayton, asking him to work to raise the limit from US $1M to US $20M. Read the letter in its entirety or see the highlights below: 

  • There has been zero fraud, competent issuers have been able to raise serious capital from investors that believe in their products or services, and retail investors (for the first time in recent history) have a transparent, systematic way to back companies they believe in.
  • Successfully funded companies are supporting and creating valuable jobs and providing substantial economic activity in a broad range of locally important industries all around the United States.
  • The initial cap of US $1M was meant to be adjusted. Only once since the launch of Regulation Crowdfunding has this been adjusted and at the time only by $70,000. Such de minimus adjustments do not fully allow meritorious issuers to fully benefit from this new form of online finance nor expand the opportunity for issuers seeking to raise in excess of $1M.
  • The current $1M level is now far below what startups and SMEs need for seed stage capital. May 2018 data indicates that the median sized funding round for Angel or Seed stage companies in the US is $2M. This means that even for the smallest funding round the current limits do not allow an issuer to raise their entire round via Regulation Crowdfunding. This dramatically increases costs and time spent on raising capital by US businesses. This reduces the number of American innovators and job creators in the United States.