Secure a permanent lactation room for pumping and nursing moms at Raleigh-Durham Airport

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Breastfeeding is at an all time high in our country. Mothers are everywhere, and it is a shame that RDU airport does not have a dedicated lactation space for breastfeeding and pumping. 

When mothers are forced every single day to pump and nurse in public bathrooms in the RDU airport, not only is it dirty and demeaning, but we are also occupying family restrooms for lengthy periods of time. 

We request that you improve the traveling experience for all mothers by providing a dignified place to pump that’s not a bathroom. (Would you like to eat your lunch sitting on a toilet?)

As the Raleigh Durham area continues to rapidly grow, we hope that you will take action to provide a secure and private lactation room to show that you are a family friendly establishment.