Reinstate medical privileges for surgeon and American hero Dr. Russi at the Roseburg VA.

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Reinstate medical privileges for Doctor Scott Russi at the Roseburg Veteran Affairs Health Care System in Oregon, and set the record straight about his distinguished career as a highly skilled, compassionate surgeon and an American hero.  
Enough is enough. 
For far too long, the U. S. Veterans Affairs Department has ignored fixing its beleaguered health care system. In 2017, the Roseburg VA was deemed the worst VA Hospital in the country.
It should be bad enough that the Roseburg VA Hospital is poorly mismanaged and the VA needs to fix it head on. But maybe even more egregious, is the VA’s silent attack on the stellar reputation of Dr. Russi, a Board Certified surgeon with a distinguished military career, serving 29 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force.
He was deployed five times as combat surgeon and once as a hospital commander. Those who have served with Dr. Russi, often refer to him as “Dr. Angel,” because of his bravery, heroic acts and human kindness
After retiring from the military as a colonel, Dr. Russi eventually took a position at the Roseburg VA’s clinic in Eugene, Oregon. Roseburg VA was in desperate need of qualified surgeons. He wanted to continue to give back to our country’s veterans and be a contributor to improving the overall health care provided at Roseburg VA.  

He was hired in 2017 and thirty days later he was fired. Without warning or grounds, and at a coffee shop no less, a supervisor informed Dr. Russi that he was being fired. Since then, the VA has not provided any reason or evidence for his abrupt dismissal, nor has he been given an opportunity to challenge the VA’s decision.  
Meanwhile, toxic leadership remains intact at the Roseburg VA and sadly the quality of care continues to remain substandard. The men, women and families, who have served our country, deserve far better from the American people. This is simply not acceptable.  
Dr. Russi’s colleagues and patients are outraged. Please join us and sign this petition to the Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Like his title implies, it is time for the Honorable Secretary, and the vast organization he represents, to do the “honorable” thing.

Give Dr. Russi his job back and make sure our veterans receive the highest quality health care they deserve.  
Stop the line.