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Secretary Salazar: Thank you for restoring the Colorado River!


Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar has signed a historic agreement to restore the Colorado River Delta!  

The following conservation organizations ask for your signature and support:  Save the Colorado, Sierra Club – Rocky Mountain Chapter, Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, Living Rivers: Colorado Riverkeeper, The Environmental Group, Western Rivers Institute, Blue Legacy, The Ocean Foundation, Clean Water Fund, San Diego Coastkeeper, Save the Poudre: Poudre Waterkeeper, American Whitewater, Waterkeeper Alliance, Food and Water Watch, Colorado Ocean Coalition, Glen Canyon Institute, Save the Colorado River Delta: Sonoran Institute, Sheep Mountain Alliance, Grand Canyon Trust, American Rivers, Citizens for Dixie's Future, Great Basin Water Network, Redford Center: Red River Film, Planning and Conservation League, and Defenders of Wildlife.


Letter to
Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar
The mighty Colorado River begins high in Colorado’s Rockies, rushes down through the Southwest U.S., crosses our border with Mexico, and now dies before completing its centuries-old journey in the Gulf of California. The river’s delta has become bone dry while 36 million Americans upstream draw on the river for drinking water. However, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has led an effort to balance our consumption of the river’s water with the need to repair the devastated river delta.

In the first ever international treaty to restore environmental river flows, the United States and Mexico have forged an agreement that provides habitat restoration for the Colorado River in Mexico and Arizona while simultaneously improving water availability for users in both countries. Our two nations have agreed to increase flexibility in how we cooperatively manage water shortages and surpluses, along with improving water conservation. This will decrease risk for both sides and allow for an additional 158,000 acre feet of water to flow to the delta each over the next five years. In a world where climate change and population growth are wired to continually strain our water resources, this agreement is truly a precedent-setting achievement.

Thank You, Secretary Salazar, for a river restored. Please keep fighting to strike a smart balance between our need to consume water with the environmental health of the Colorado River itself.

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