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Over the last few years the availability of people having access to fireworks is getting easier. People are setting off fireworks after the 11:00 PM deadline. People are setting these off after midnight for what seems like an eternity disturbing people’s sleep. They can cause children to be frightened as well as animals, making dogs bark non stop. People have to get up for work in the mornings and children up for school. It’s not acceptable at all.

I would like you to intervene and make the laws and penalties tighter to stop this antisocial behaviour. We appreciate there are occasions people want to celebrate and that fine as long as they abide by the rules in place for fireworks. It’s not just in my local  area this is happening, it’s a nationwide issue and it needs to be stopped.

Please sign and share this petition it needs to stop!!!! The more people that sign this the more chance we have achieving our goal and a decent nights sleep.