Reglulate HGV lane use on Motorways during peak times to just lane 1

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HGV, lorry drivers , petrol tankers etc cause a lot of the tail backs and traffic on Motorways and dual carriageways during peak times. You often see a group of HGVs travelling in lane one and suddenly one driver decides they want to go 1mph faster and enter lane 2, the knock on effect means that all traffic in lane 2 is slowed down to match that of lane 1 and before you know it a 3 lane motorway is a 1 lane motorway or if it's a dual carriageway then the road is blocked until the HGV driver has overtaken. 

I propose a ban where HGV drivers are unable to use any lane other than lane 1 during peak times such as 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm during weekdays.