Help Chennan Fei Stay in Scotland- STOP the DEPORTATION

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Last year I started this petition to help a brave young woman #SaveChennanFei, with the support of her then MP Anne McLaughlin.

Chennan Fei has lived in Scotland since she was 13 years old. Glasgow is her home. She is now 29 and is in a loving relationship with her Scottish fiancé, Duncan. 

The Home Office had planned to deport Chennan to China on 29th March 2017. Thankfully, there was a reprieve and the deportation was halted.

But Chennan is STILL NOT SAFE

The THREAT of REMOVAL still hangs over her head.

Even after a Judicial Review, she is now facing an Appeal Hearing on 20th December 2018.

Chennan has done nothing wrong. She came to the UK in  2002 as the dependant of her parents who were legally here on Student Visas at the time. Chennan was educated in Glasgow high schools and went on to study at the University of Edinburgh, receiving an MA (Hons) in Accounting & Business Management.

Unbeknown to Chennan her parents visas had expired within a few years of her arriving in Scotland. There is no rule or provision in the Immigration Act that deals directly with the ‘children’ of over-stayers and the Home Office plan to send her into exile, away from the only home she has ever known and the friends and partner who support her.

Chennan has lived more than half her life in Scotland. She has volunteered at several agencies in Glasgow including the Scottish Refugee Council, putting the accountancy skills she learned at university to good use. The Home Office HAVE NEVER  permitted her to take up paid employment -

She gives her skills and talents free of charge freely to charitable organisations in Glasgow to help others.

Chennan contributes to her community and has the love and support of her many friends-

yet the Home Office are trying to isolate Chennan and destroy those support networks... to make it easier for DEPORTATION.

Although her 16 years living in the UK may not be considered ‘legal’, this is through no fault of Chennan’s.


Let her stay in Scotland. Her future should be here.

#SaveChennanFei     #GlasgowGirls2018