Help the Hedgehogs – Ban Metaldehyde

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A recent survey on the Education Quizzes website found that over 60% of children have never seen a hedgehog. Not surprising as, since 1950, we have lost around 98% of the UK hedgehog population.

Metaldehyde is a chemical used as a pesticide against slugs and snails. Slugs eat the pellets and they in turn are eaten by hedgehogs.  Metaldehyde is then released into the hedgehog’s body and it dies, becomes too weak to survive, or infertile.

In December 2018, the British Government recognised the dangers of metaldehyde to wildlife and banned its sale from 2020 onwards.

In July 2019, the ban was overturned by the High Court after a challenge by a slug pellet making company. The challenge was upheld, not because the chemical is safe, but because of “how the decision-making process was conducted”.

Since the ruling, despite the Government being fully aware that metaldehyde is harmful to wildlife, no further action has been taken. Please help us to get the Government to act by adding your name to this petition.

Ban the sale and use of metaldehyde as a pesticide.

Thank you