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Make Dyslexia diagnosis easier for children to get.

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Under the current system in the UK there are many families who struggle for years to get thier children properly and formally diagnosed with Dyslexia. Local Autorities are reluctant to send a child to an Educational Psychologist due to funding restrictions and tightening school budgets. If a school is meeting a childs educational needs then they have no reason to request a formal diagnosis. However if a parent goes to their GP and requests a referal to a Educational Psychologist for a formal diagnosis the GP says they cannot as it is not covered by the NHS. The GP also mistakingly thinks a parent can simple requests the school to refer the child for one. Hence parents are left going round in circles. Many parents are frustrated with the current system and are left with their child undiagnosed or facing an independant diagnosis from a Educational Psychologist costing them a few hundred pounds. Even when parents do get this 'independant' diagnosis some parents are told that it is still not accepted by some as  "they have paid someone to say their child has Dyslexia".

Unless the government are prepared to change the current system many individuals will be left undiagnosed and not receiving the help they need! Any other learning difficulty diagnosis is funded by the NHS not parents. Dyslexic children have to pay privately to get a diagnosis.

I only understand all these difficulties due to going through this battle with my own child and know of other families in the same situation, therefore I ask you all to sign this petition to raise awareness of this unfair system.

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