Preserve historic New Brighton building.

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We the undersigned are appealing against the potential demolition of a historic local Art Deco build in New Brighton, Wallasey UK.

'New Palace and Adventureland' at Marine Point is currently for sale. The owner Mr Wilkie has stated the building will be demolished should the potential sale be successful to the interested buyers. 

Ideally we would prefer the building to be kept to its original design and renovated sympathetically. 

If the building is architecturally unsound and not feasible to save - we implore that at a clause is implemented that the facade is restored - not demolished or altered. 

Art Deco 'Liner' buildings are quintessential to British beach resorts. This particular build is unique and emotive to New Brighton community. We feel strongly that we have lost enough of our heritage buildings. 

Please save our beloved 'Fairground' build.