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Stop a SECOND waste incinerator at Belvedere,  Borough of Bexley.  The existing plant is already the largest incinerator in Greater London. (24 other London boroughs have no incinerators!) The 2nd plant planned for the site, is to take London wide commercial waste for incineration. There will be extra health and environmental hazards caused by operating 2 giant waste burning incinerators in one place.

Incinerators add to global warming, are counter to government policies on re-cycling and increase air pollution.

We call on The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to REFUSE consent for a second  incinerator to be added at the existing site.

Residents already have major concerns about the effects of pollution on health in the Belvedere area. The new “Riverside Energy Park” (incinerator) planned by Cory Environmental Holdings will add more heavy traffic to congested roads and more harmful pollutants.   The Crossness Nature Reserve, which is next to the incinerator site, is a unique asset for wildlife in the area and must be protected from further pollution contamination.

There is only one main dual carriageway link road (A2016) in the area. Any extra traffic along this route will affect communities in Erith, Slade Green and Dartford. A second incinerator would add around 90 EXTRA heavy vehicle movements a day going to and from the site. This will add more heavy lorry traffic into the existing delays on the A2016. (This link road to the often grid-locked Dartford Crossing can be clogged by tail backs.) In this densely populated suburban area, a further 20,000 new homes are planned bringing yet more local traffic.  Pollution levels in London are already above EU limits for Nitrogen Dioxide. Those with lung conditions, the young and the elderly will be the most vulnerable to any increase in traffic generated pollution.

Visit our web site at for more information and links to air pollution research, National Policy on waste management and climate change information.

Please sign our petition to stop a second incinerator at Belvedere and pass on this petition to your friends and contacts on Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.

Thank you for helping to stop further pollution damaging air quality, harming residents’ health and affecting valued habitats in local wildlife reserves.

From Jenni White for the Greenwich-Bexley Environment Alliance team.