Mother’s Dying Wish Denied

Mother’s Dying Wish Denied

May 6, 2021
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Our mother is dying, she has metastatic ovarian cancer.  The doctor told me the cancer is “winning” and she may only have weeks/ limited months. She had a difficult life, mental issues, etc. In 2019 she was diagnosed with the cancer. Then Covid did not allow her to travel. 
Her doctor wrote a letter requesting that my brother, Hugh Roberts,  who lives in Guyana visits her before she passes.

So he applied for an expedited interview and was told  at the interview that he did not have have sufficient ties and was denied a visa to visit our mother. My brother has a petition with USCIS but it will be years before it’s processed and it will tear our family up to not have my brother, her only son here before she dies not after. We would just like for him to be able to be with her before she dies. My brother has a partner  and they have two young sons who he loves. He is a great father and would not leave his sons. He has a stable job and his own house. He has a private transportation business too. He’s comfortable in Guyana except that he cannot see our dying mother. He’s a family man and does not have a desire to live here illegally. 

The doctor has written another letter explaining that it would be an End of Life Visit . This is her dying wish to see him. She has accepted that she’s dying. 

I’m concerned that he’ll be denied again even with the new letter and  would like to reach out the US Secretary of  State  and anyone who has the ability to positively  appeal this matter so the US Embassy in Guyana may reconsider  and grant him a visitor visa.  We would be forever grateful; we know she’s holding on to see him, we’ve not told her he was denied.
I hold a  NYC Job and am willing to ensure that my brother never overstays his time in the US.
It’s difficult and medically challenging at this time to send my mother to Guyana in the state she’s in.

I believe it is in asking that we receive and as this this our last hope, I’m leaning on Faith that a visa is granted to my brother before our mother dies. 
Fenessa Shung Munroe 


This petition made change with 20,791 supporters!

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