Support our troops. Restore funding for Stars and Stripes.

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The proposed military budget for fiscal year 2021 removes all government funding for Stars and Stripes news service. Stars and Stripes dates back to the Civil War and has been in continuous publication since World War Two. It has served as an unbiased and reliable news source for our soldiers all over the world. Stars and Stripes performs a vital service, allowing our men and woman in uniform to keep up with what’s going on in the wars they are fighting and news from back home. 

Secretary Esper, Stars and Stripes is an integral part of our American tradition of supporting our troops and represents a minuscule part of the overall military budget. The list of distinguished journalists who’s careers began there is long.  Millions of our fellow Americans who have served in harms way over the years have relied on Stars and Stripes for information and much needed entertainment as well. With so much talk these days of supporting our troops, funding Stars and Stripes is one way we can give meaning to those words.

Stars and Stripes may be a tiny part of the overall budget, but provides a great service to our troops. We implore you to restore funding for this most American of institutions.