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Let my brother, Mohamedou Slahi, come home from Guantanámo

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I have incredible news: the Periodic Review Secretariat just cleared my brother, Mohamedou Slahi, for release from Guantánamo Bay prison.

My family has been waiting 14 years for this moment. Mohamedou has been waiting 14 years. He has never given up hope that one day he will be free. And you keep fighting on his behalf. From the bottom of our hearts – from the biggest brother, the smallest child – the Slahi family thanks you.

I hope I’m being clear about how momentous this is. The odds have been stacked against Mohamedou, and the U.S. government kept interfering with legal procedures that could have granted him his freedom a long time ago.

But you and everyone in the #FreeSlahi movement refuse to back down. Now Mohamedou can finally go home – if we keep the pressure on U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

I want to send this message to Secretary Carter – and I hope you will sign with me:

Dear Secretary Carter,

Now that the Periodic Review Board has cleared Mohamedou Slahi for release from Guantánamo Bay prison, I’m calling on you do two things to make sure this man can go home to his family as soon as possible: (1) immediately certify to Congress that Mohamedou will be released; and (2) ensure that Mohamedou is quickly transferred out of Guantánamo so he can restart his life as a free man. Any further delay is not only inhumane – it’s unjust and counter to American values.

Mohamedou Slahi has been unlawfully imprisoned by the U.S. government for 14 years without ever being charged with a crime.  The U.S. has held him indefinitely despite his innocence. The Periodic Review Board has now decided Mohamedou can be released because he meets its standard for someone who does not pose a threat to the United States.

Mohamedou’s treatment is emblematic of the catastrophic failure that is Guantánamo prison and the policy of indefinite detention without charge or trial. But you can start to remedy this by immediately providing Congress with certification and ensuring a smooth and speedy transfer out of the prison. The American people and the global and growing #FreeSlahi movement urge you not to further delay his release.

There is no possible justification for Mohamedou’s continuing detention – and now he finally has a way out. I urge you to immediately take steps to ensure that Mohamedou is finally given his freedom. The world is watching.

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