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Help Preserve Kalash a tribe in Pakistan for United Nations Protected site-

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United Nations is celebrating DECADE of Indigenous People from 2004 till 2014-A PETITION TO THE Sec General and all Heads Of States-

Please treat this as an urgent appeal to support the historic Kalash people of North Pakistan. Our aim, with your assistance, is to have the Kalash territory declared as a "World Heritage" site.

The Kalash (or Kalasha) is an ethnic non-Muslim group that exists in the Hindu Kush mountain range located in the Chitral District of North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Although their numbers were quite significant before the 20th century, they have however, gradually dwindled over the past century. This is very unfortunate and is in large part due to the fact that they have been assimilated by the larger Muslim majority of Pakistan. Today, more than half the Kalash people have been made to convert to Islam thus losing their ethnic and historical originality in the process.

It is, therefore, absolutely vital and imperative to save and protect this ancient culture and, therefore, we implore you to assist us in having the Kalash territory declared as a protected World Heritage site.

Thank you.Mohammed Bugi-(bugiandassociates@gmail.com)We are now at YouTube,follow the links below http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kkQS7qe7YY
The Kalash People
commonwealth UnitedNations unesco/etc indigo amsterdam .To declare KALASH as WORLD heritage site .CAN U HELP ? think about it before KALASH disappear into chapters of History torn away from civilization and saved only In Books in episodes called yesterday.AT THE MOMENT I HAVE an exhibition with RED CROSS Nederland.Recently I was interviewed by tipperary mid west community Radio IRELAND.
KALASH a picture exhibition