Make China accountable to the Covid-19 Pandemic and resignation of WHO Director Dr​.​Tedros

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As of today Covid-19, which originated from China, has killed over 50,000 people, infected over 1 million and fundamentally impacted the global economy. The catastrophe is multiplying every day.


The Chinese Government knew of this disease from early December 2019 when doctors treated patients with SARS-like symptoms in Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan. When Dr Wen Liang discussed his findings on a Chinese social network, he was forced to sign a statement denouncing his warning as an “unfounded and illegal rumour”. He later died of the Covid-19 on 7 February.


Instead of investigating the disease and containing its spread, Beijing censored the information, silenced the doctors and lied to the world about the scale and gravity of the crisis in hand.

Only on 21 January the Chinese government informed the World Health Organization that the virus was spreading from human to human. By then much of the 11 million inhabitants of Wuhan, the epicentre of the disease, were spreading it across China for the Chinese New Year holidays. It was too late to react for Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the United Sates.  

Ignoring Taiwan’s December alert that a Chinese virus was being transmitted from person-to-person, the WHO did not initiate any emergency measures. Only on 11 February did it declare Covid19 as  pandemic. By then Italy, Spain, Iran, France and United Kingdom were already reeling with devastating numbers cases and deaths.

If China had acted swiftly and transparently, the disease could have been contained within Wuhan city. Beijing hid facts, destroyed evidences thus depriving the international community of crucial information during this critical initial period. Beijing’s lies have led to thousands of death around the world. We ask the United Nations to investigate Beijing for its suppression of information that led to the spread of the virus to the rest of world, and to make China accountable for the incalculable suffering and loss it has caused to humanity.

During this entire course of utter lies and chaos, the Director General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has played a second fiddle to Beijing and deliberately underplayed the scale and severity of the crisis thereby aggravating the spread of the pandemic and allayed the international community from taking pre-emptive measures. He too must be held accountable. We seek his immediate resignation from his post.

This is an initiative by Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest and most active NGO in the exile Tibetan community. TYC is a Tibetan people's movement for the freedom and independence of Tibet.