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Sign Up for a Global Book Reading Hour!

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I am 11 years old, and looking at everyone around me with their electronic devices fills me with despair. At home, at the bus stop, on the bus, at the park, at a restaurant, at an event, wherever you go, you see people reading on their digital devices. As we move more and more into a digital environment, we are slowly giving up activities that are more real and meaningful to the reading from a book off a shelf, or writing letters and post cards.

Studies across the globe have demonstrated that print is better connected to our memories, and therefore, what we read in a book helps us retain more, and make stronger associations. It helps us imagine, it helps us think. 

HOW CAN WE CHANGE OUR RELIANCE ON DIGITAL MEDIA, AND GET BACK A LITTLE BIT OF THE REAL WORLD? I thought long and hard, and the idea of a GLOBAL BOOK READING HOUR took over my thoughts! It would basically work like the Earth Hour, but instead of switching off lights and gathering with family around a candle lit table, it would be about picking up a book to read along with your friends and family members, for an hour, along with the rest of the World. 

It's a very simple idea, but one that can have a positive impact on our generation. We need to do our bit to make it a better place for all of let's start NOW!

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