Propose the OCEAN PROTECTION RESOLUTION ACT for a general assembly vote

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Propose the OCEAN PROTECTION RESOLUTION ACT for a general assembly vote

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Rogerio MARIANI a lancé cette pétition adressée à Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (United Nations New York, NY 10017 United States) (United Nations New York, NY 10017 United States)

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" We the people "

demand and propose to

No : O.P.R.A. 01.1.2012/ CETAN C.A.N

To achieve a vote by all 193 United Nations Member States in a critical and urgent decision where there are no other options to resolve the concerned situation and the connected problems to protect the oceans against environmental pollution and illegal whaling activities .

A vote has to pass with a majority by 50.1 percent minimum
to be adapted as a yes or no vote. After vote the U.N. O.P.R.A.(UNITED NATIONS OCEANS PROTECTION RESOLUTION ACT) 
is binding.

§ Article 1.1

The UN Ocean Protection Resolution Act has the power to reinforce by force any 
transgression/violation against the Environment,Sanctuaries or Whales by any offender 
beyond the 30 miles(at High Sea) until the borders of territorial waters of each Member State that occurs. 

The Member States agree to a mutual exchange of cooperation from and towards 

The UN O.P.R.A contingent is a composition of Naval forces, Sea Conservation Societies and Associations,
Coastal authorities and UN Member States naval assets 
( Ships,Helicopters,Aircraft's,Patrol boats,logistics)

In Ocean Protection Operations enforced by this resolution act the executive power of the UN General assembly is
relayed to all Member states Air forces and Naval forces under the guidance of the UN H.Q. of command and the 
UN diplomatic wing . 
Similar to Peace keeping missions and it is all Member State binding agreement.

Civil participating members of the U.N. O.P.R.A task-force are part of a ocean tracking force and not there to directly engage
any offenders confrontation. A offenders confrontation should always be met with the necessary UN naval contingent
to avoid any conflicts. The idea is to persuade not to conflict.

§ Article 1.2

The UN O.P.R.A contingent will run on a swift rotation so each Member State need to provide only a one 
or two months duty within one year to towards the UN Resolutions time raster.

The UN H.Q. assigns a Naval Force Assistance/cooperation force to the Sea Shepherd´s Ocean Conservation Society fleet to reinforce the UN O.P. Resolution Act. 

The UN agrees on supplying bunkering / logistical assistance from local and Naval forces to 
Sea Shepherd and other UN O.P. participating associations, to patrol and track ocean and environmental offenders, to upper hand them in cooperation with UN Naval assistance to 
take guilty offenders to justice.

§ Article 1.3

The UN O.P. task-force can seize or immobilise,fine Vessels that violate this adopted UN resolution.
The minimum fine for illegal whaling activity is set to one million dollars
The maximum fine shall not exeed the value of the offending vessel

The UN installs a O.P. oversight community to control that operations,missions,cooperation's 
and funding s are well carried out and respected.

§ Article 2.

The UN resolution includes an international research team that researches and analizes alternative 
income sources for the concerned Member States who are still whaling. 
Like Whale watching,developing the national tourist industries,Sea and land transportation,clean energies, ect so people working in the whaling industries can find alternative jobs. 

Whaling companies are encouraged by the UN O.P. resolution act to converge 
towards other fishing activities. 

The Member States agree upon installing a HQ Public Relation office to keep the general public up to date and informed on their achievements.

§ Article 3.

The UN Ocean Protection Resolution Act creates partnerships,grant programs,studies. exchanges on 
marine biologic assessments to actively participate in every Member state, with the aim on facilitating 
alternative resources in creation and helping in developing an Environmental Coast Guard unit as a 
training exchange program in environmental surveillance.

Member states set up training exchange and exercise missions from countries who already have a Environmental Coast Guard unit in operation 
The mission of E.Coast Guard units is to prevent incursions into territorial waters by offenders 
during U.N.O.P.R.A. operations to ensure that the disposition in place is efficient and successful.

§ Article 4.

A annual report is to be generated by all Member states and U.N.O.P.R.A participating
Conservation societies reflecting the overall progress on Ocean Protection,Statistics,Mission reports 
and operations and a annual separate report exposing the progress of the creation of an 
Environmental Coast Guard unit.

§ Article 5

Each Member State agrees to attribute an sufficient annual budget 
to operate coastal and ocean protection operations.

Sea conservation societies and associations participating in the UN O.P. Resolution, have to have at least one Vessel bigger than 40 meters to be able to join the U.N. O.P.R.A. task force. 

Naval intelligence services are advised to exchange informations on positions and movements on environmental offenders, illegal whaling activities and to assure communications with U.N.O.P.R.A task force members to coordinate appropriate operations and actions.

The same principle can be applied to track ongoing pirate activities in the worlds hot spot zones to prevent further spreading and to promote the determination of the Member States to counter measure illegal ocean activities of any kind.

§ Article 6.

Member States without sufficiant resources can contract with the help of the UN private contractors 
meaning ocean conservation societies and associations to assist in the task of protecting fragile 
coastlines and patrolling offshore beyond the 30 miles range of territorial waters.

This Motion is the guarantee of cleaner populated oceans for the generations of people to come.
United Nations Ocean Protection Resolution Act = U.N.O.P.R.A.

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Pétition fermée

Cette pétition avait 1 500 signataires

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