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Build a new UN Headquarters in Gaza

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The reason why this is important is obvious.

The world diplomatic community

will do well to make Gaza a permanent home for peace,

rather than a home for a permanent war which devours humanity

and threatens to do worse -

a war which has turned Gaza into a concrete jungle of fear;

a war which has created a

mirror-image of fear in south-central western Israel.

We owe it to ourselves - indeed, we owe it to future generations

who will inherit this planet - to do better. And we can do better.

This perpetual war punctuated by unstable truces is unacceptable.

In 2006, I was outraged at the destruction I saw taking place
in southern Lebanon at the outbreak of war. Israel suffered
in the same war. I saw President Bush Jr. get in front of a
microphone, to say these words: "I want this war to continue
for at least three more months." I thought, "The President of
the United States should always stand for peace, unless he
is defending his own country from aggression." I resolved
to end the war sooner than that. I drew up a plan for the
restoration of the sovereignty of Lebanon that very night,
thinking that the UN would have to act on such a proposal if
phrased in that way - and they did. The US Ambassador didn't
like my plan - but the French Ambassador did. From the time
I drafted the original cease-fire plan to stop the war between
Israel and Lebanon, I continued to promote it among people
in Washington - both within the US Government and among
the diplomatic community. My own Government and the
government of Israel publicly detested the cease-fire, and
instead of honoring me for it, wrecked my life. Nevertheless,
I stopped a war that the US Government and Israel, in their
stubbornness, might well have continued as the beginning to
a much larger and more dangerous war. The cease-fire,
despite a brazen attempt to knock it off balance in August
of 2010, has held to this day.
In 2010, I began the Committee of 37 Peace Initiative. As part
of this process, one of the good things I did was to design
the Palestine-Israel State Confederation.
Details of the above are available from me directly.
This is the plan I have in mind for Gaza - the most
war-torn region of Palestine-Israel, and the most
chronically attacked region on the planet:
Margaret Motheral, who is like me a victim of
Government corruption in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
and - like me also - an Internally Displaced Person
in the United States (a refugee, in other words) has
come up with this idea for the new UN Headquarters
in Gaza, and I have revised and amended her original
wording here (and I urge anyone who is interested to
contact Margaret Motheral to assist in her struggle
for justice and peace and healing against the odds)
The new UN Headquarters in Gaza should have,
a main General Assembly Hall (also to be called
the Hall of Peace). This should be a large, round
building with symbols of all religions, and a photo and art
gallery of all peoples of the world, as well as pictures of
worldwide animal and plant life, and world geology too.
In the Hall of Peace, every participant and spectator and
guest will either sit on the floor on prayer rugs or mats,
or on beanbag chairs, or in wheelchairs, or be carried in
on cots, or lie down on futon cushions - after taking off
their shoes or boots outside, and being issued freshly
laundered pullover socks. People are free to bring
blankets or pillows.
Sacred music and restful instrumental performances
are to be played, all the time, by live musicians."
So this is the thinking of Margaret Motheral about the
plan for the new UN Headquarters in Gaza, and she
is right.
Half the hall should be brightly lit, but in a way which leaves half
the hall in darkness or shade, to represent night and day,
and to allow participants to recover from jet lag and to rest.
Now, for my own ideas:
I envision a seven-sided building, each side
a different color.
The Islamic side will be green, the
Judaic side, blue; the Palestine-Israel
side purple, and the Christian side red.
The educational side will be orange,
the mission side white, and the garden
side yellow.
Each side of the new UN headquarters in Gaza will
face a compound, which will start out as a
building of 50 homes and some amount of
office buildings and recreational space and
The Islamic compound will be named the
Benazir Bhutto and Mohamed Bouazizi
Hall of Concilation and Freedom.
The Judaic compound, the
Yonatan Netanyahu Hall of Rescue.
The Palestine-Israel compound, the
Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin
Hall of Heroism
The Christian compound, the
Christine Turk and
Christiana Taylor Green
Ecumenical Pavilion.
The Educational compound,
the Malala Yusufzai Home of Safety.
The Mission compound, the
President John F. Kennedy and
John F. Kennedy Jr. Home of Togetherness.
The Garden compound, the
John Lennon House of Bread.
Each compound of about 50 homes and
an equal number of offices of different
sizes, will have a large water fountain
between each of the seven compounds
and the main Hall of Peace. A series of
security cameras will also be perched
atop each compound, and connected to
an underground security hub.
There will be commemorative names
for the office compounds: for example,
in the Judaic compound, three suggested
names are the Chlomo Wiesel, Sarah Feig
Wiesel, and Tzipora Wiesel Memorial
Offices of Peace and Justice.
In the Mission compound, I suggest
that eight offices be named for each
of the following: Asia Cottom, Rodney
Dickens, Bernard Brown II, Dana
Falkenberg, Zoe Falkenberg, Juliana
McCourt, David Gamboa-Brandhorst,
and Christne Hanson.
There are many good choices for other
commemorative names.
The Mission compound may be the
largest, and may include offices for
banking, charitable foundations,
diplomatic support staff, executive
offices, and the actual diplomatic
missions of several countries who
have contributed to this new UN Headquarters.
The Garden compound will be the infrastructural
source and managerial headquarters for solar
power, desalination of seawater, gardening,
dairy farming, baking, cooking, ordering of
supplies, emergency electrical generation,
plumbing, fish-farming, and supervision of
medical care; and will include a hospital.
The new UN Headquarters will be planned
to be a self-sufficient community, much like
an Israeli kibbutz; and kibbutzim managers
will be a key part of the management team.
The entire diplomatic complex and UN Headquarters
will also be planned in such a way as to provide
decent economic opportunities to the surrounding
community, and to export its own surplus resources
to the surrounding community at cost - or on a
nonprofit basis.
The religious compounds will
be ecumenical in nature. For
example, the Islamic compound will
include both Shia' and Sunni openings
and will not discriminate against either.
The same for the other religion-based
The Educational compound will be
primarily oriented toward the needs of children
of all ages in a non-age-segregated, progressive
style of individualized instruction. Both children
of the diplomatic community and those of the
surrounding community will be eligible to
attend the schools and libraries in the
Educational compound for a nominal
tuition fee, or upon agreement with a
The new UN Headquarters can be located
anywhere in Gaza where space permits
and where the Government of Gaza
wants it.
It is to be hoped, and fairly expected
as a matter of course, that the nations
of the Middle East which are best able to
afford to support such a diplomatic project
to promote peace and to end the sufferings
and injustice inflicted on both sides of the
pointless conflict within Palestine-Israel
will be brave enough to gather together
to ask the Lord's blessings on this project,
and to realize that here on earth, God's
work must truly be our own.
Scott Davis,
PO Box 877
Edgmont PA 19028-0877
Done this 16th day of November 2012/
2 Muharram 1434

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