Defend American Public Health - Postpone All Remaining 2020 Primary Elections to June

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On March 13th, the state of Louisiana moved to postpone their state primary, originally scheduled for April 4th, to June 20th in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect at-risk groups, like the elderly and people with existing health conditions. All remaining 2020 Democratic contests should do the same.

Around the country, nursing homes, senior centers, and other locations where seniors frequent will be used as polling centers. These types of facilities have already been hit hard by COVID-19 in several states.Postponing the remaining primary contests to June 20th will allow states and the federal government to contain COVID-19.

Moving ahead with voting during a rapidly spreading pandemic is irresponsible and would imperil the lives of millions of Americans. We demand that the Democratic National Committee ask all remaining states to follow Louisiana's lead and postpone the remaining primary contests.

We also encourage petition signers in upcoming primary contests to reach out to their Secretaries of State: OhioFloridaArizona, Georgia, and Illinois