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Second Step In Abolishing Child Slavery & Carbon Emitting Deforestation in Palm Oil Farms

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I request, no I Demand that the production of palm oil be free of child slavery and slash and burn . . . or illegal.

As a youth of this generation, I want to hand down to my kids a cleaner earth than was handed down to me. I do not want my kids to know that every minute, 5 football field sized swaths of rainforest are burned to the ground due to palm oil. I do not want my kids to know that the reason their PB&J sandwich is creamy is that 25% of that peanut butter is made from an ingredient that drives orangutangs to extinction. I do not want the today's supermarket to be full of this cancerous ingredient, causing a health hazard to all that digest it.

This petition is demanding that all products that use palm oil either

1: Find a replacement

2: Abolish slavery and slash and burn during the production and processing of their palm oil. 

This is "step two" in helping take palm oil out of our products. As of January 1st, 2017, I have received almost two thousand signatures against palm oil in step one that demands that palm oil products list this clearly on all packaging.

If you want to protect beautiful species that are on the brink of extinction, protect you and your family from harmful products in your food, stop child slavery, and help save our planet, this is one step towards that goal.

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