Bring back mini lots in futures trading, let us trade peacefully

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Nowadays trading is getting widely adopted with the evolution of low brokerage companies and easy access to learning resources and mentors. 

Futures trading in stocks offer main advantage over intraday/cash trading that we can short the stocks and carry position overnight. Shorting is essential part of trading business as we all know. If we choose to trade in cash we can't short, and if we short intraday we can't carry the position and also there is no guarantee that target will reach same day. 

But sadly there are no mini lots in stocks futures which makes it very difficult for retailers to trade in futures.  Now they are disabling mini lots in commodities too.

I read that mini lots were disabled to prevent retailers from trading and loosing money. But this is causing trouble to people with proper knowledge too

We are facing several challenges due to absense of mini lots:

1) Unable to do proper position sizing and there by unable to control risk

2) Unable to take partial profits due to mostly we forced to trade in single lot

3) Emotionally unstable - High fluctuations in PNL/MTM cause fear and makes it difficult to hold on to the trading plan.

4) Decreased futures trade volume in these securities due to less participants which makes it unreliable to trade because of slippage in order execution price

So we kindly request you to introduce mini lots in every stocks / commodities 

If you want to stop people from losing by trading in futures then you may consider any of following options

1) Create rule that only people with proper knowledge are eligible to trade in futures. Ask the people to take the technical analysis test and get certified. With variety of free learning resources available online it won't be much difficult to pass the test


2) Reduce leverage / Create high margin requirement while allowing flexible position sizing. This way you can make sure you eliminate disadvantages of leverage in trading and allow only those who have enough risk tolerance. This way traders can manage their trades better