Appeal to SEBI - Don’t suspend trading in NCLT stocks for the sake of minority holders.

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SEBI under its discussion paper dated 28/03/2018 is seeking public comments whether trading of stocks of companies under CIRP and referred to. NCLT should be suspended.


Sign this petition to make your voice heard that you appeal/suggest that  trading should continue as:

a) many countless investors, since years are awaiting a better price realisation and continued trading will help them get their price back, as they invested in the early years of the company. (Even LIC is a party to it)

b) The facts regarding the cases are available in the public domain and it cannot be deemed that the nature of trading is speculative.

c) The investors/day traders/ speculators are well aware of the risks and rewards and the spirit of the world of investing should be kept intact. 

e) The increase in the Market Cap of the respective securities will help the new promoters coming in and will let them have access to capital without increasing the burden of the banks thereby reducing the chances of creating new NPAs, helping in effective turnaround.

d) any step otherwise will hurt the minority investors and will lead to trigerring a sell off creating more losses and failing the objective of investments.

Hope SEBI takes this petition as a collective suggestion from the minority stakeholders and also from the ones who are already holding the stocks since years, and rules in favor of continued trading for the good of the same, reflecting that after and above all its main aim is the welfare of the minority stakeholders. 


Yours Sincerely.

Minority Stakeholders of India