Make Hidden Temple Park a Real World Location

Make Hidden Temple Park a Real World Location

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Alec Borden started this petition to ViacomCBS Robert M. Bakish and

In honor of the "Legends of the Hidden Temple" reboot for adult contestants, I, Alec Borden, thought that "Hidden Temple Park" from the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie could become a real world location.

Rides, exhibits and activities:

  • Exhibits for the six team animals (Jaguars, Barracudas, Monkeys, Iguanas, Parrots and Snakes) on behalf of the World Wide Fund for Nature.
  • A waterpark that is "powered by Olmec's moat".
  • Chances for park goers to play the titular game in an escape room called "Legends of the Hidden Temple Live Experience" (I would like to give a special thanks to Andre Elpedes for this brilliant idea).
  • Meet and greets with LOTHT reboot guide Cristela Alonzo, OG guide Kirk Fogg and Olmec's voice actor/puppeteer Dee Bradley Baker.
  • "Pit of Despair" bungee trampolines.
  • Fossil and gemstone hunting in the "Mine Shaft" (if any park goers are lucky, they may find gold or silver).
  • Silver monkey assemblage races.
  • Tours of Olmec's temple.
  • A "Throne of the Pretender" ride with several spinning thrones along a rotating ring.
  • Shopping for gifts and souvenirs in the "Treasure Room".
  • Red Jaguars' "Roaring Rollercoaster" (Speedy rollercoaster).
  • Blue Barracudas' "Fishy River" (Lazy river surrounding the waterpark).
  • Green Monkeys' "Jungle Gym" (Obstacle course for competitors young and old).
  • Orange Iguanas' "Treetop Trails" (Aerial course with zip-lining).
  • Purple Parrots' "High Flights" (Sky ride that can make park goers feel like they can fly)
  • Silver Snakes' "Python Holes" (Maze that is similar to the "Holes of Python" from the original series' first season). 
  • Life-sized statues of Kirk Fogg, Dee Bradley Baker and Cristela Alonzo.
  • A "King's Storeroom" game where players throw balls at brittle clay pots containing random prizes.
  • Team animal face painting.
  • A mini golf course with each hole representing a room from the franchise.
    • Hole 1: Three Gargoyles
    • Hole 2: Rock Quarry
    • Hole 3: Fallen Columns
    • Hole 4: Mandarin Hand
    • Hole 5: Golden Idols
    • Hole 6: Golden Orbs
    • Hole 7: Steamy Hollows
    • Hole 8: Queen's Armory
    • Hole 9: Viper's Nest
    • Hole 10: Lightning Ball
    • Hole 11: Dungeon
    • Hole 12: Well
    • Hole 13: Quicksand Bog
    • Hole 14: Dark Forest
    • Hole 15: Swamp
    • Hole 16: Spider's Lair
    • Hole 17: Laser Lights
    • Hole 18: Crypt of the Heartless


  • Slushes and shaved ice for each team with no artificial flavors (Red Jaguars - Cherry and Watermelon; Blue Barracudas - Blueberry and Raspberry; Green Monkeys - Kiwi and Lime; Orange Iguanas - Orange and Peach; Purple Parrots - Grape and Plum; Silver Snakes - Coconut and Vanilla).
  • Pendant of Life cookies (it would be great if there could be gluten free ones).
  • Meatless burgers and hot dogs (a hot dog stand was seen in the movie).
  • Fruit cups.
  • Garden salads.


  • Team shirts sized for both children and adults.
  • Team helmets.
  • Silver monkey 3-D puzzles.
  • Pendants of Life (full pendants and split ones with magnets).

Hidden Temple Park should also have all of the following:

  • Restrooms, including gender neutral ones.
  • First aid stations.
  • Emergency AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators).
  • Stroller and wheelchair rentals.
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