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Help seaworld's orcas!

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Captive orcas definitely need more space than they have, as there are multiple issues that their current tanks have which could be harming their mental and physical health. But, as sea pens might interfere with the environment, and would put the orcas at risk from pollutants such as oil and radiation, other choices must be considered for them.Unfortunately, the current options are limited for Orcas living in captive environments. This petition is a proposal for an orca sanctuary outside of seaworld. Seeing as the creation of an ethical sanctuary for orcas is a very complicated solution, no solution is flawless and none have absolutely no downsides when it comes to safety, the environment or pollution. So, here is the solution which would definitely help the orcas exponentially and hopefully has less flaws than most plans. This solution would be to build a giant (kilometer long), saltwater lake in New Castle County, Delaware that would replicate the wild and make the orcas feel a little less claustrophobic. As you probably need more information on this project before making a decision to sign, here is a google docs link to an eight page proposal to you, and to all of the people being petitioned for this petition:

Basic cost analysis:


Please, show compassion to the orcas and other animals at seaworld by signing this petition, as it is the only way for the orcas to finally gain what they deserve and not have to sit in their current concrete tanks for the rest of their lives.

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