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Stop Capturing Killer Whales and Release Current Captive Killer Whales to a Sea Pen

Killer whale captivity is one of today's most controversial topics of conversation. Many organizations, including SeaWorld, capture killer whales and other marine mammals for the purpose of entertainment. This is a selfish action that is extremely detrimental to the animal's mental and physical health in many different ways. For example, in the wild, a female killer whale can live up to 90 years, as opposed to the 20 years they usually live in captivity. In addition, 100% of captive male killer whales experience dorsal fin collapse, whereas only 1% experience it in the wild. Some killer whales are forced to breed at a horribly young age and then watch their calves torn away from them and be sold or moved to other aquaria - the case of Katina and Kalina at SeaWorld Orlando. These relatively large animals are forced to spend their lives in about 0.00001% of their natural habitat and are hand fed processed and frozen fish in order to perform for hundreds of people everyday. As well, these animals can become agressive and harm or even kill their trainers. By releasing the current captive killer whales into a sea pen and rehabilitaing them for life in the wild before performing a full release, we can restore the animals to their intended state - wild and free to roam across the ocean. And by preventing future captures, we can ensure that no more humans will be harmed and no more killer whales will be negatively affected by the horror that is captivity.

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  • SeaWorld and Other Organizations that Capture Killer Whales for the Purpose of Entertainment

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