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Our Kids Need Their Teachers: Rethink Budget Cuts!

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Dear Seattle Public School District Decision Makers,

This week many educators, parents, and students across the district are learning that classroom instruction will be disrupted yet again this year because of a decision made by the district to cut teachers to balance the books.

Our students cannot afford another disruption to instruction time because Seattle Public Schools refuses to put them first in the decision-making process. Our teachers cannot afford more instability and disrespect from the district: talented, dedicated professionals will continue to leave this field if we continue to treat them with such callous disregard and disrespect. Teachers should not be the first to go because YOU cannot balance the books. Trim the fat downtown if you must, not in our classrooms!

DO what's best for kids, SPS.

Rethink the budget to put students first. This means keeping already established teachers in the classroom with their students and keeping school communities intact. The 25 schools, 32 educators, and countless teachers, families, and students affected by this change deserve better. Show us you care about the families you serve. Allocate monies saved in the district rainy day fund to cover the 1.5 million dollar cost of keeping the 32 educators in the district who will be cut if this directive takes effect. 

We're counting on you. 


Families of Seattle Public Schools.

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