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Petitioning Seattle Mayor McGinn, DPD Director Diane Sugimura, and Seattle City Council

City of Seattle: Close Land-Use Loopholes in City Codes

We respectfully request that the Mayor and the City Council direct the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) to enact a moratorium prohibiting any further permits being granted under the Land Use Code # 23.44.010.B.1.D from this day forward until it has been newly reviewed based on recently discovered facts about the process, justification and impact. We have come together from our various neighborhoods across the city of Seattle to stop the negative effects of this particular code.

We urge the Mayor, City Council and the DPD to accelerate a review of this specific section of the Land Use Code and to carefully scrutinize whom it benefits and the economic tradeoffs. This section of code allows houses to be built in the backyards and side yards of existing homes to the benefit of a small number of developers who profit from their ability to turn one single-family lot into two lots.

Meanwhile, the nearby homeowners are left shocked by projects that deprive them of privacy, solar access and neighborhood character without any notice or opportunity to appeal.

Additionally, we request community representation on any panel performing this review.

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  • Seattle Mayor McGinn, DPD Director Diane Sugimura, and Seattle City Council

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