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Seattle Mariners: Please make an "It Gets Better" video!

//NOTABLE SIGNERS: St. Rep. Marko Liias, St. Rep. Laurie Jinkins, St. Rep. Jim Moeller // Here in Washington state we pride ourselves on our advancements in equality. That is why as Washingtonians we are asking that our Seattle sports teams make an "It Gets Better" Video! The Seattle Mariners represent all of us in the state of Washington.

The San Francisco Giants changed the sports world by releasing an “It Gets Better” video to stand up against the bullying of gay kids -- and now fans and the media are wondering if other baseball teams like the Mariners are going to follow their lead.

Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens by letting them know that "It Gets Better."

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  • MLB
    The Mariners
  • CEO, The Mariners
    Howard Lincoln
  • Director – Community Relations
    Gina Hasson
  • Vice President – Communications
    Randy Adamack
  • Vice President – Marketing
    Kevin Martinez

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