Vote NO on De-Funding Seattle's Navigation Team!

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We — the residents, businesses, and employees of Seattle — urge the City Council NOT to defund the Human Services Department’s Navigation Team and severely restrict their ability to conduct outreach to and sanitation of homeless tent encampments. This most recent City Council decision to dismantle a critical city service comes with little public engagement and with absolutely no plan for how to deliver services to communities living on the street or address the growing public health and safety impacts of homeless encampments alongside highways and in our neighborhoods, parks and business districts. As we work together to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, it’s critical that the Council take time to understand the effects of their actions on our communities and those who are experiencing homelessness and need services and healthy living conditions. This irresponsible decision is not good for Seattle. We urge Councilmembers to listen to the community and vote NO on Monday to cutting these resources without a plan to serve Seattle’s neighborhoods and homeless population.