Chinatown International District Petition to Protect Our Safety

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We are the residents, business owners, visitors, and elders of the Chinatown International District community, and we urge you not to pass CB 119796 that will restrict the Navigation Team’s authority to remove unsanctioned encampments.

We are writing on behalf of the CID community to request the following:

1.      The immediate cleanup of the Weller Street and King Street encampments.

2.      Enforcement of illegal encampments in our neighborhood to protect residents, business owners, visitors, and our elderly population.

We have heard Councilmember Morales say that the CID does not support encampment removal. None of us have been contacted by Councilmember Morales as she claimed. She has not talked with any of the hundreds of Chinese business owners, residents and community members we know that live and work here every day.

We urge you not to pass CB 119796 and to provide immediate cleanups at Weller Street and King Street. Our neighborhood is a vibrant pillar of our city, and our community deserves basic safety services from our City leadership.     

Thank you,

The Chinatown International District Community