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Life Academy Students Declare a “Season of Peace-Building”


This Monday, Martin Luther King Day, (January 16, 2012), Life Academy of Health and Bioscience

(Oakland, CA) students commenced a Season of Peace-Building, which they plan to celebrate until

Cesar Chavez Day (3/31/12).


To demonstrate their commitment to the Season of Peace-Building, Life Academy’s students and staff

members, led by the Young Men’s Circle (Be a Man – BAM) and the Young Women’s Empowerment

Group (Real Ambitious Women – RAW), will participate in a 74-day fast relay and facilitate a

community “Peace Pledge.”


The “Season” began with a “Day of Service” in honor of Dr. King’s memory, where more than 145

students, teachers, staff members, administrators, parents, and the community came together to beautify

the high school’s campus. The “Day of Service” culminated in a ceremony honoring the first day of the

fast relay. The principals of both Life Academy and United for Success Academy (the adjoining middle

school) successfully partnered with various community groups to support these efforts.


Noel Gallo, President of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board, attended the “Day of

Service” and plans to support all of the Season of Peace-Building events.


BAM and RAW decided to lead the Season of Peace-Building in response to the senseless killings of

youth in the Oakland community. The groups understand that stopping the violence is nearly impossible;

however, they believe that encouraging the community to build peace is more proactive and ultimately

more contagious.


Supporters are invited to the Fast-breaking/passing ceremony every week day from 12-1230pm in the

school’s cafeteria courtyard. Teachers have volunteered to pass the Fast each weekend and all fasters

have promised to circulate the Peace-Builders’ pledge in their respective communities.


These two youth-led groups are taking a symbolic stand for real change in their community. Through

self-sacrifice and fearless activism, Life Academy students, staff, and parents plan to help mend

broken families and restore a positive definition of “respect” that benefits all members of the Oakland

community. The Season of Peace-Building is sure to ignite the change that Oakland needs, from the

ground up.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: SEASON OF PEACE-BUIDING.

To promote peace in Oakland CA

This is important because as we all know that violence is impossible to stop. Season of Peace-Building campaign is a strong reminder that Oakland citizens have a history of providing for themselves when institutions cannot. Since Police do not inspire hope for a more peaceful city, I believe the selfless acts of BAM/RAW youth can be much more effective. By helping even one student, parent or community member understand that students DO care about their education and trust their neighbors to create positive change, I believe we are achieving our goal of unifying our community to build peace. It is this hopeful understanding and this ownership over the learning of other students that can change the popular opinion that Oakland students are careless and ruthless and therefore unworthy of concern. Though we cannot trust politicians to provide our schools with sufficient resources we can still cultivate one invaluable resource, our faith in each other. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION SO WE CAN GET THE MEDIA ATTENTION SO WE CAN MAKE CHANGE IN OAKLAND! If everyone can agree to the following pledges:
I understand that I am an important part of a learning environment.
I pledge to not bring drama or discrimination into our community.
I pledge to find the beauty in and empathize with everyone.
I pledge to not disrespect my community by trashing our environment.
I pledge to raise awareness about sexual assault and rape and to give voice to
the victims of these crimes.
I pledge to defend others that cannot defend themselves.
I promise to not have negative opinions about myself and value the person I
really am: physically, mentally, and emotionally.
I pledge to be mindful of my relationships and my actions both on and off
I promise to never abuse my partner physically or emotionally and to protest
against any instances of domestic and teen dating violence.
I pledge to build-up my beloved community to help build lasting peace.

Then we can build lasting peace!
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