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KZN - South Africa. Gill nets are used to kill sharks and reduce their population. By the state entity the Kwazulu Natal Sharks Board. Beautiful sharks are killed non-stop. And the by-catch?! Whales and their calves are tangled up in their sleep at night. Drowning. Whole pods of dolphins get caught up and drown too. Age old turtles fall victim. Magnificent rays. Huge gamefish. Horrifying deaths.

And when one animal is caught up, other sharks and marine animals come for the easy meal, and they also get caught up. Sometimes the nets are left unchecked for days due to bad seas.

The shark nets kill all day and all night (they are meant to be removed when the annual sardine run occurs (as I write this), but this week, the nets caught three whales so far - a baby humpback (see photo) died at Trafalgar Beach with net scars all over it's body - see for full stories). Even though nobody swims at night.

There are alternatives. Sonar. Electrical shields. Exclusion nets (nets with small holes that keep sharks out of an area - very effectively tested in Cape Town, but not implemented here). Even special wetsuits. These technologies are all deployed only when bathers or surfers use the beaches.

And none of them kill marine wild life.


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