Opposition to the Animal-Act Circuses Using Virginia Show Grounds

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We, the undersigned, call on Virginia Show Grouuds  to cancel the impending arrival of the controversial ‘Circus Belly Wien,’ – and to send the circus on their way with a refund.

But why are we making such a request? This foreign elephant circus together with ‘Renz International Circus’ and their 60+ animals are within days of coming here. Their most recent arrival in Mullingar was met with huge online opposition for the welfare of their animals, protests and even prompted local Councillors there to introduce a motion to ban-animal act circuses using public.The same circus had to move from their homeland of Austria and the Netherlands where bans came into play meaning no wild animals could be used in their acts, so now they are setting up shop in Ireland for the foreseeable future.Please note, that with the very best intentions in the world a travelling circus is unable to adequately provide for the animals in their care.

Elephants and other wild animals used for entertainment are denied everything that is natural and important to them. While chained and unable to flee, elephants are often hit with bull-hooks – a long, heavy rod resembling a fireplace poker with a steel tip and hook on one end. Trainers use bull-hooks to jab elephants in the most sensitive parts of their bodies, often causing puncture wounds and abscesses. The constant threat of punishment keeps elephants intimidated and submissive. Experts now recognise that elephants who are subjected to this kind of abuse are more likely to lash out. Scheduling logistics also often don't allow for downtime to let animals rest or exercise. This Victorian style show must not go on.

To that end, we the people of Cavan and surrounding areas, respectfully urge you to send this horror show, packing.

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