Justice for Bullied African American Special Needs Student

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I recently came across a disturbing video of 2 Caucasian Seabreeze High School students bullying another student who's African American and has special needs. They filmed a video of themselves jumping and after the black girl jumped along with them, they each stuck their leg out underneath her, tripped her and then started laughing. According to a paper posted by another Seabreeze student,  the fall resulted in the victim breaking her nose. In the video you can see the victim holding her face from the pain while the other girls proceed to laugh. Soon the white girls posted the video onto Tik Tok for a some fame. The video quickly went viral and did receive attention, just not the type they were expecting. 

I found out that the girls only got suspended for a 2 days which is totally unacceptable. For people to think that it's okay to is disgusting. For people to think it's okay to AT ALL is disgusting. It's 2020 and we are still having issues with this? Do people really think that will make them famous? For Seabreeze High School in Florida to only punish the girls by giving them a suspension for two days is absurd. They should be expelled or face a higher punishment. They should be charged.

The special needs African American student will be traumatized for the rest of her life because of this, and the girls only get suspended...for TWO days? This school needs to properly punish them. Suspension won't make them learn their lesson. Who's to say they won't do this again and again to more innocent people?

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that a two day suspension isn't enough. Please join me in signing this petition and getting justice for the victim. What if this had happened to your child? You'd seriously be happy with the bullies only getting suspended for a short amount of two days? Think about that.

The photos above are trending on social media. The one on the left is a screenshot I took of the video and the photo on the right is a paper posted on the wall of a Seabreeze High School hallway by one of their students. It states that the African American student is special needs and had broken her nose from the fall. It also reads: "They [The white girls] are both still on their cheer leading team and one of their mothers is going to be the new cheer leading coach. The only reason they got 2 days of in school suspension is because of their rich parents. The school is trying to cover this up. Don't let them."

Thousands of more students are finding out about this incident by the second and thousands of more students are supporting the victim and want justice served. Please support this issue and sign the petition. It's 2020. Racism and bullying need to be stopped.

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